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Replacement for late 2011 MacBook Pro 15"

Replacement for late 2011 MacBook Pro 15"

Is it possible to replace the late 2011 mbp 15" logicboard 2.2GHz core i7 with the mid 2012 mbp 15" 2.3Ghz core i7 board?

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bert [Entry]

"You can not change model years.

If this answer is acceptable please remember to return and mark it."
bert [Entry]

"In fact it can be done!

But! You do need to either replace the LVDS cable as the 2011 is slightly larger than the 2012 version.

Or which is better and cheaper answer is just file the cable connectors fiberglass tang ever so slightly!

I’ve done a few of these and the system I’m typing on right now is a converted 2011"