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SAMSUNG Push Pull SHS-P718 do not open from inside (5-10% exits)

SAMSUNG Push Pull SHS-P718 do not open from inside (5-10% exits)

Certainly have enjoyed SHS-P718. I do though have an occasional (5-10% exits) issue arise where interior function not allowing one to exit home.

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bert [Entry]

"Hi @carlosam ,

What time delay have you got for the Door Lock Time Setup Function? If it is the default of 1 second try increasing the time by a second or two and see if it makes a difference, you can always go back to the default of 1 second if it doesn't

This image taken from the user guide for the lock states that the deadbolt jam problem can be prevented by adjusting the time delay. I'm wondering if this may be what is happening with your lock.

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)"
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"Hi @jayeff . It's not delay issue, since it happens many minutes (maybe hours) after I've entered my apartment.

It's like the unlock mechanism is not being triggered. So I have to keep trying pushing in different ways and strengths until it gives any signal of ""life"". Once or twice I had to force the open with a knife on the door's slit where the dead bolt is.

For some reason, when closing, the door is able to lock (dead bolt) but the system is not activated, so it's not able to trigger the unlocking system."
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"My lock encountered the same issue but only today it can’t be open. I held e bottom of the handle (inside) and open it, voila.

Afterwhich I called e support and they mentioned that battery type is very important. Battery MUST be alkaline. After I change the battery, everything works perfectly. I have been using this lock for 1 year plus."
bert [Entry]

"Hello all,

I’ve recently purchased and installed an SHSP718. Unfortunately, I had the same issue last night. I couldnt open from the inside after several minutes and attempts.

Is there any update on how to sort this issue?

On the other hand, this doorlock came with 5 override mechanical keys. However, I couldnt find any slot for these to be used. Nor from the inside or outside.

Any input will be very appreciated.