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Samsung standby led double flashing 5 times. Will not power on.

Samsung standby led double flashing 5 times. Will not power on.

Samsung UN55D6000SFXZA will not power on. Standby LED double flashes 5 times. Disconnected the power board from the mainboard, backlight did not come on. Disconnected the t-con from the mainboard, still no backlight. Output voltage from power board reads 5v and 13v (respectively) initially and quickly goes down to 0v. Do not see any damaged capacitors. Do I have a faulty power board, mainboard, t-con board or LED array?

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bert [Entry]

"'''Jeffrey I'''  the thing with Samsung is that they really do not use blink codes. Yes, they do show up but there is no good guide for it. The main question is always how to distinguish if the problem is caused by Main board or T-Con. a. No Video : If the problem is No Video but BLU is on and Indication LED is blinking repeatedly and faster than normal booting, replace the T-Con board.

“Disconnected the power board from the mainboard, backlight did not come on” sounds like a power board issue. Check pin 14 on CNM803 on the power board and see if you have 5V on that. If no it’s your power board. If yes check the mainboard power IC output

L202 : B3.3V

L203 : B1.2V

L204 : B1.1V

L201 : B1.5V

IC203 : 3.3V

IC208 : 3.3V

If you do not have that voltage, its your main board. If you do check power on T-con Board.

- L9(T-CON) : VCC12

- TP_VCC33 : VCC33

change the t-con board. If that does not work, you are looking at possibly a failed backlight array.

Let us know what you get. Also, post some good images of your boards with your question. That way we can see what you see. Use this guide Adding images to an existing question for that.

Update (06/06/2018)

++'''Jeffrey I'''++ for the T-con board follow this one

TP VCC should be marked on the board."
bert [Entry]

"Power boards measure the return current from the backlight and if there is a difference between strings then the Power board will cut all power.. so disconnecting the Mainboard from the Power board DOES NOT point to a faulty Power board if the backlight does not come on!!

Measure the backlight’s return loss to find if the backlight has failed because ‘most often’ this will be the cause of the Tv switching off.. power cycling etc..

If you find the backlight has failed sell it for spares because unless you have experience with the LCD screen you will break it !

bert [Entry]

Power supply faulty if backlights did not come on after disconnecting main board
bert [Entry]

i found 4 or 5 led lights burnt out on my samsung after i replaced my pwer board the board was burnt like charcoal