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Smok X-Priv will not heat up coil

Smok X-Priv will not heat up coil

My xpriv voltage stays at 0.500 volts and the coil wont heat up the tank works on other mods. Can someone please help me

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bert [Entry]

"I know this is an old post but I solved the problem and I just want to leave it here in case someone needs it,

all you need to do is open the part on top of the batteries which requires a torx 4 screwdriver, then you will see a little black box on the left which is most likely loose, just put some paper on top of it or anything that can push it down towards the plastic and you will be good to go."
bert [Entry]

Check all the internal settings, watts, etc. Take the coil out and reinstall, prime, reset internal settings to new coil, etc. Coil might not be installed right enough or maybe it burnt if not primed properly first time. Charger plugged in should tell you how full batteries are…fully charge for several hours. Ohms should be about .4 and volts should be 4-5 if it's the original pieces in the kit. 60 watt setting should be fine depending on juice. Coil should be fine well above this. Picked up mine last week and love it.
bert [Entry]

"Had same issues even though my batter indicator says 50% no fire put 100% batteries in and bam it hit got 4 batteries swapping 2-3 times a day waiting for new 3000 mah i never turned if off for first few weeks now i do to conserve battery .

I like my V8 baby beast tank better than the

V12 this has kept me from smoking

Cigarettes for 10 months on vaping having some fun with it and my breathing is

Drastically better by better than 100%"
bert [Entry]

"Hi guys, I know this is a old post but for anyone looking in the future I was having the same problem and fixed mine after finding this YouTube comment. You will need a T6 screwdriver/ bit

My X-Priv did this. So bought another, and put it in the drawer. 1 year later, I decide to look into it & fix. Came across this (more so the comments below) and fixed it. Dead simple, as others have said. 1.) Remove battery cover 2.) Remove top magnet cover (not bottom) 3.) Locate little black box, confirm its that causing the problem by applying pressure/moving till device works correctly 4.) Use something like folded up electric tape or similar, to hold it in place so that there is additional pressure applied once cover is re-fitted. 5.) Put back together, and use.

I used a bit of folded up tissue and screwed the panel back on anything non conducive should be fine."
bert [Entry]

"Well, i was having the same problem,

first, my batteries went completely ZERO charge,

then, mod-cable connected to usb, wouldn’t even display any charging process,

I finally buy new batteries some brown samsung, and left mine (some purple ones) charging at vape store,

when installing batteries, it wouldn’t fire any vape.

when remove and reinstall atomizer, screen said NO ATOMIZER, and then SHORT IN ATOMIZER…

After cleaning, and cleaning and drying and drying and trying, it random the activity between “no fire and stuck in no puff count nor time count” and then displayed LOW OHMS .016…

i remove new batteries and place them to charge in my new independent charger, then, after 10 mins maybe, i installed those batteries in my xpriv mod, and connect the charging cable with a regular usb charger (NO IPHONE, NOR IPAD charger they said that at the store!!!) regular, regular chinese slow charger.

It fixed the no fire, and worked!!! first depended on being connect to charger cable, and it wouldn’t fire if disconnect.

Then after a few minutes start working regularly, even if disconnected.

I’m guessin maybe theres a charge inside the mod, and when batteries die to ZERO it loses ohms or something…"