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The remote control does not pair with the with my device.

The remote control does not pair with the with my device.

I tried to pair the remote control with the device and for some reason I can't get it to work or pair with the device. How can I pair the remote to the device?

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bert [Entry]

"Check that the remote has a fresh pair of AAA batteries.

Go to Settings > Pair remote in the Alexa app, and then press and hold the remote's Play / Pause button for five seconds while Amazon Echo is searching.

If you see a purple spinning light on your device, more than one remote was found. Press the Play / Pause button on the remote you want to connect with.

Note: The Amazon Echo Remote is sold seperately. Only one Amazon Echo Remote can be paired with Amazon Echo at a time."
bert [Entry]

"Above steps helpful for pairing remote with Amazon Echo.

However, in case if Alexa fails to hear your voice commands because the music’s too loud or because you’re sitting in a different room, you can now use the Amazon Echo Remote to communicate with Amazon Echo, and get things done."
bert [Entry]

"There are two ways to pair an Echo Dot to a firestick.

The first way doesn't seem to work. In the Alexa app, when you go to devices and select your Echo Dot, it says you can link it to an echo remote. When you do this, it says to hold the play button for 5 seconds and this does not work. I've tried a hundred times by now.

The second way does work. In the Amazon app, go to More -> Settings. Scroll down to TV and Video. Select FireTV. Select Link or Manage Devices. I already have 3 dots linked to 3 different firesticks, so my options here may be a little different than yours. From here I select to ""link another device"". If it is your first link, it might just say ""link device"". Click to link another device. It will have you first select the Firestick you want to pair. Then it will show you a list of devices where you will select your Echo Dot.

That's it!

Now your Echo Dot will accept voice commands to control your FireTV."