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tv turn on,but no picture and sound coming.

tv turn on,but no picture and sound coming.


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bert [Entry]

stephanie, my hunch is that you have some bad capacitors. Do a search on youtube for capacitor replacement. It's not a hard job, but it does involve opening up your TV - and the inherent risks associated with that activity. How old is the TV?
bert [Entry]

"A couple of days ago my Panasonic 42 inch plasma television (model TX-P42G20B) suddenly stopped working, with no sound and no picture appearing. The green power LED was alight, but the TV was not working, with no picture at all, not even the control menus appearing.

The repair engineer who came around fixed my TV within minutes, by holding down some button on the TV for some seconds to get into the engineer's Service Menu, and then reseting or changing something (I did not see exactly what he did).

He told me that TV engineers suspect that software updates sent from the BBC to the BBC iPlayer in the TV caused this problem. There is no proof of this, but this is apparently what some repair engineers suspect.

If this is the case, then this problem has probably happened to many people throughout the UK, and I would think that lot of people will just have gone out and bought a new TV, because it is often cheaper to do this than paying for a repair, if the repair turns out to be complex (but this repair was done in moments just via the engineer's menus, without needing to take the back off the TV).

Thus this presumed rogue BBC iPlayer software update containing a bug (assuming it was the cause of my TV going kaput) may have caused a lot of people to throw away perfectly good TVs, and to go out a buy a new TV, which is not necessary at all."