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Update file corrupted su-30645-8 on usb with new hard drive.

Update file corrupted su-30645-8 on usb with new hard drive.

I got this PS4 from someone. It didn't come with a hard drive he told me it would not take updates via usb. I installed a new hard drive tried 10 different thumb drives and about 5 different hard drives. Still get the same error; I have been using the big update file for new hard drive installations.

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bert [Entry]

"it;s a hadware problem on the motherboard. i am trying to figure it out for 2 months. i have replaced the processor and syscon/nor with a working one and it's still the same issue. i have moved the original chips to a good board and it works. so don't bother anymore unless you do smd rework

Update (08/30/2016)

I have cracked this issue. The problem is hardware related, more exactly ram related. When you want to update the software, first the console copies it into ram an then it writes it. If a ram module is fulty it will mess up the file at binary level, so in conclusion the md5 will be different so the ps4 reports the file as corrupted. The only way to fix this issue is to replace the faulty ddr5 module/s. Unfortunately, unless you see any phisical damage, there is no way to determine which of them is faulty so you have to replace them one by one. I auggest starting with the ones on the back. Warning: unless you have professional equipment and necessary skills, do not attempt this on your own, because you may cause irreversible damage

Update (12/24/2018)

I can see some people had this issue and in their case the update file got corrupted while downloading, copying it to usb etc. make sure that you check the md5 once the file is on the usb drive. If the md5 is intact and you still get this issue no matter what, its probably a hardware problem, ram related as i said before. I own a playstation repair shop and i do repairs daily. I fixed this issue quite a few times until now by ram replacement. Sometimes the console was showing some white or red dotted artifacts as well. Unfortunately there is no way to find out which ram block is faulty unless there it has some phishical damage. So you just have to replace them one at the time or how i like do do it, one side of the board at a time"
bert [Entry]

Found the issue! When you go to https://www.playstation.com/en-us/suppor... there are 2 options: Update from PC and Reinstall from PC (this is at the bottom) use the download link for the reinstall, the file is 849mb in size, if you get 297mb its the wrong file and will give you the error. I had to use IE11 to download it, Firefox only ever pulled the 297. Happy gaming!
bert [Entry]

I don't remember ware it is but there is a way to just "wright" the HDD before you put it into the PS4 look in the forms on sonys website and such also I believe you can clone a drive from another PS4 if there is nothing on it. (Don't quite me on that)
bert [Entry]

"I can do smd work so if you find the reason on the board can you please let me know.

bert [Entry]

"S O L V E D

Good morning , fellow,

I had the same issue, i solved it by assembling the pen drive as show at the Plastation web-site, a followed exactly the instructions of the Playstation web-site , BUT be sure to use REAR USB PORT of the playstation to upgrade your video-game, the front usb port wont work for this issue.

Good Luck,"