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Updated phone and now I can't unlock it

Updated phone and now I can't unlock it

I recently had an update on my phone, and it restarted after I allowed it to install. After finishing it asked me for my password to allow it to continue it's on process. But it doesn't take my password that I'm a hundred percent sure is correct.

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"Philippe Gendron

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bert [Entry]

"A hard reset of the phone should resolve the issue, but it will also wipe all of the data:


(^^ updated from a better link in the comments)


I have successfully performed a hard reset and was able to get into my phone. As expected, all the personal data and apps have been removed. The OS is still upgraded though, so that is a plus, I guess. At the end of the setup process, it is asked me to reinstall my apps. Most seem to have reloaded without issue. Of course, all of my preferences were wiped."
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For a easy way hard resetting ... just type in wrong PİN numbers 9 times back to back. after 9 times your phone will start resetting. if you have a SD card remove it first.
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"I wonder is it possible to install custom recovery like TWRP on this?

If yes, then the screen lock should be removable.

If you can boot TWRP without wiping the phone you can use the file manager on there with system partition mounted then navigate to:


Delete or move to another folder:

- locksettings.db, locksettings.db-shm and locksettings.db-wal

Once this is one, reboot phone from recovery and the phone should have no lock screen.

I have only tested this on android 6.0.1 to 7.0 Samsung Firmware.

Looks like this phone has TWRP recovery available for it:


Most likely you do not have OEM unlocking enabled (needed to flash files in fastboot mode) in the debugging options of your phone which means you may have to do a factory reset."
bert [Entry]

"Did the factory reset but now it stucks in a ""can't connect to google servers"" error. Anyone knows how to solve it?

Update (11/28/2017)

solved it, had to remove SD card and reboot"