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What's wrong with my HDMI port?

What's wrong with my HDMI port?

We've had the PS4 for just over 2 years and it's always worked fine, but in the last month sometimes when switched on it just said 'no signal' on the tv but would work eventually. Now it is only showing 'no signal'. I've tried using different HDMI cables and even plugging it into another TV, none of which has worked. The light goes to white and it's possible to turn the PS4 off using the controller from memory so the only problem is with the display. There is no obvious damage to the HDMI port visible. I just want to know, should I have the HDMI port replaced?

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@l1031 there are multiple questions with HDMI concerns on Answers. Check some like My hdmi port is broken and needs repair or check the user profile for the resident expert @tronicsfix on here and see what he thinks.