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Why can't I hear sound coming from my device?

Why can't I hear sound coming from my device?

I am aware there should be sound coming from my device, however, when I press any button or input on my VTech Little Apps tablet, the device doesn't make noise...

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bert [Entry]

"There are two possible categories when it comes to sound on the VTech Little Apps Tablet: music and all other sounds. When toggled on, the music plays in the background during all activities. The sound, on the other hand, is referring to all other sounds which include: the piano keys, voice of Cody The Smart Cub, and the sound made when pressing any other button.

The most simple solution to sound problems is to adjust the volume settings on your device. Directions on how to adjust volume settings for both music, and all other sounds can be found on this device's troubleshooting page.

Alternatively, a more complex solution to the problem may be needed if adjusting the volume settings doesn't work. This more complex solution would be reconnecting/replacing the device speaker. Directions for proceeding with this solution can also be found on the troubleshooting page."