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Why does my screen go black when the phone is too cold?

Why does my screen go black when the phone is too cold?

This started back in November, My phone would get too cold and would have a flickering screen. I tried many factory resets but no such luck. I switched to another phone for a while but am back to the S7. If the phone temperature is too cold the phone screen goes completely black and I can’t see. I literally have to place my phone a heater in order for the screen to light back up. Everything else is still functional I just can see what I am doing when the phones internal temperature is too cold. (was in the 60’s this week and it still was too cold or the screen to work)

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bert [Entry]

"Hi @akeyes ,

When the screen is black, is there still are display visible if you shine a torch at an angle close to the screen? I’m not quite sure from your question if there is or not.

If there is then there is a screen backlight problem.

Cold contracts, heat expands.

if the screen backlight fails in the cold in may be a backlight power supply problem on the motherboard, (faulty soldered connection perhaps), a display flex cable connection problem at the motherboard end or in the screen itself

Here’s a link to the ifixit Samsung Galaxy S7 Screen Replacement guide, which may be of some help in checking the motherboard and flex cable motherboard connection for any obvious problems.

As a DIY repair you may have to install a new display to determine where the problem is, either in the display or back in the motherboard."
bert [Entry]

FIXED!!! Definitely faulty wiring, I have/had the same issue. I was just pulling my case off to warm up my phone to see it and I ‘pushed' or ‘bent' the top of the phone back (like if you were trying to snap it in half pushing metal side to screen side in the middle and screen side to metal side at the ends) and it suddenly went normal!! No banding no black lower half!! So somewhere in the phone is a loose connecting that gets lost when the metal contacts in the cold. Wondering if other people like me usually remove their case from the bottom……
bert [Entry]

"Don't try fix your screen! There is a simple solution.

Go to Settings > About Phone > System information and press Build Number again and again until a prompt for your pin pops up. Scroll down to developer options and turn on ‘Disable Hardware Overlays' under hardware-accelerated rendering. It fixed mine."
bert [Entry]

"After reading some of your posts I will tell you what I did.

Disable Hardware Overlays - no such luck.

Looked at the cost of the other solutions that I would be willing to do myself, ranged 150 bucks.

So I bought a refurbished $150 pixel and dumped samsung.

Couldnt be happier. No more phone issues like I had with samsung."
bert [Entry]

"In case you tried everything and for some reason you still need to use your S7, alternatives to screen fix:

-Cast your screen to chromecast. You can see the whole screen on your TV.

-Charge your phone during the night, and place it over your router without case. In the morning you screen will work for an hour or so.

-Enable second screen option simulator:

Enable Developer Mode (Settings - About Phone - Click build number many times)

In the screen/video section, enable screen simulator.

You can see a small, real-time second screen and place it where your physical screen still works.

In touch section, you can enable a feature to show where your fingers are in the touchscreen. This also helps."
bert [Entry]

"This is usually due to a very small damage in the screen itself. Usually resulting for from physical damage like a drop.

The screen is usually only sligthly danaged which is why you get this odd behaviour with the temperature changes. Some screens are the opposite and works better in cold when slightly damaged as such.

In most cases a new screen will resolve the problem. Similar issue can happen with any phones with screen damage. In many cases you may just have no image at all from a minor lcd damage so in a way your kinda of lucky that it still had some image."