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Why doesn't my transmitter turn on?

Why doesn't my transmitter turn on?

The green transmit lite on my transmitter doesn't

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bert [Entry]

"No green light?

Disassemble the transmitter and tap the crystal with power on. use non conductive tool !

The crystal is up front and has a shiny case.

I suspect a component value has changed and the oscillator circuit fails to start.

By tapping the crystal it starts the oscillator.

This makes the unit work until power is removed.

…or give the unit a sharp slap with the palm of your hand…that gives same result

..anyone have a circuit diagram to post? I may be able to determine the fault."
bert [Entry]

"We'd had a thunderstorm the other day and our house power flickered - that must be when it stopped working.

No green light with any input. After I unplugged the power supply and then reinserted it the green light came back, we were working again. Phew!"
bert [Entry]

I just had this same issue. Same thing, changing plugs and back fixed it. Apparently, mine took issue with the surge protector they were plugged into. But now the exact same setup is working after getting it to turn on from another outlet.