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Why is explanation mark on Wifi symbol

Why is explanation mark on Wifi symbol

There is an explanation mark on my WiFi symbol on top of my phone. I now can NOT connect to the internet even though phone says I'm connected to my home WiFi. I have read tons of things online where this is happening to all kinds of different types of phones and carriers. Apparently has something to do with Google. None of the ways listed to fix this had worked on my phone. Can anybody tell me why this suddenly started and how to fix it??

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bert [Entry]

"The exclamation mark at the Wifi symbol means that the device is connected to the WLAN but no connection to the internet.

First I would recommend to turn off and the on the Wifi on the device.

I think it sometimes has to do with a bad DHCP leas."
bert [Entry]

"This happened to me yesterday on one tablet running Android 6.0 without issue for the prior 2 months on the same network, and my other 4.4.4 devices say nothing is wrong with the network, router or Wifi configuration.

On examining the Xfinity router, it appears Xfinity pushed a new configuration to the router over the past days, as it has new software and the error appears on all Xfinity powered networks on the problem tablet.

The tablet remains surfing without restrictions on Internet despite saying ""Connected, No Internet"". Its annoying as much as the ""!"" suggests something is wrong, but the bigger annoyance is Wifi has to re-selected every time the Tablet is turned on again, it can't connect automatically.

I think this both a bug and a legitimate warning of an issue because after I fixed mine, I removed the fix, and the ""!"" remains OFF.

For example, it works correctly on captive portal wifi such as in McDonalds or Starbucks.


I think the ""!"" appears with too many possible issues, its very non specific.

There are many solutions.

I tried the typical ones, turning the router off/on, device off/on, resetting wifi off/on etc., nothing helped.

This is finally what worked:

1. Go to ""Settings""

2. Go to ""Data Usage""

3. Go to drop down menu in the upper right hand corner (:)

4. Go to ""Network ....""

5. Toggle ON/OFF what ever setting you see there.

6. Optionally return it to the setting you found to see if its a 'bug'

Its a variation of what was posted here:


The main solution page:

bert [Entry]

it may be that the network administrator has denied your device access. Have them find the MAC address of your phone/laptop on their network and allow access
bert [Entry]

Power off device, removed SD card and sim card. Reinstalled both and restarted device.. wifi connnected after entering passwords that were previously saved. Lost all saved wifi passwords but that’s ok.
bert [Entry]

"so simple.. Go to wifi settings>advance>static> change dns 2 to .. mail me if working