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Why is my engine boggin down while in drive and ac going

Why is my engine boggin down while in drive and ac going

ive changed the spark plugs and oil change

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bert [Entry]

"Is your A/C cooling in the car effective?

you need to check if the A/C comressor is turning freely without undue ""clunkiness""

Have you engine off and perform this check carefully inspecting for damage and mis alignment

self repair from this point on is unlikely

seek assistance from a licenced Automotive A/C repairer if the compressor appears defective

It is unlawful to discharge A/C refrigerant gas into the atmosphere"
bert [Entry]

"Had the same problem on my 2002 corolla it's the sparks or/and the coils.

I recommend replacing all the sparks first sick there only in the 3-8 dollar price range.

then the coils they are like 107 dollars a piece.

Good luck"
bert [Entry]

have you cleaned the intake manifold? Just wear gloves, mask and protective eye wear, take off the large hose, and wipe the inside with carb cleaner, performing the process several times, till clean.
bert [Entry]

Could be something simple as dirt on air sensor, take out air filter, and the box it sits in, you will see i little sensor inside, if there is dirt and plague on it, clean with brake cleaner.