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Why is my lg g2 screen not turning on?

Why is my lg g2 screen not turning on?

i have an lg g2 that has been working great. i picked it up just now and the screen wont come on, only the backlight. i know that the phone is working since i still hear the alerts on my phone. But no images... how can i fix this? I already tried a soft and hard reset with no effect. the logo did not come up.. nothing but vibration. the power button on the back blinks light when i press it also... so it is responsive to some degree.. I took it apart to make sure all connections were still good. honestly everything looked identical to the video.. not sure what could have suddenly happened or what I should do next? Going to take it to sprint tomm but I dont have the repair plan so would rather find my own fix :/

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bert [Entry]

"If just your back light works, but the image doesn't show, hold the power button and bottom volume button simultaneously, this will do a soft reset and fix that problem. The back light and LCD picture goes through the same cable (the cable up near the top left). The bottom two connections for the screen deal with the digitizer only.

Monkeybiten, try the soft reset as well, but you may need to do a hard reset (Google LG G2 hard reset, it will delete everything, so I suggest backing up your info to the cloud). It's quite possible you have a virus (malicious app) that's sucking your phone's resources. You could try an anti-virus. AVG from Google play store is good."
bert [Entry]

"If you've dropped your G2 (as some in this thread have already mentioned), even from a relatively small height (e.g. 6 inches), this is likely to be the cause. I had the same issue with mine, purchased 10/2013, with what I thought was a knock/drop not worthy of mention, at least, not compared to the abuse my previous iPhones and Galaxy 3 were subjected to with no resulting failures. I found that twisting the body of the phone got it to work intermittently and for long enough to allow me to back up the data before sending it to LG for repair, which they did with no objection as it was under warranty.

I'm not recommending twisting the phone as a solution, but rather to demonstrate that the physical force made the screen display properly again. This would correspond to those who said pressing the power button or other forceful actions solved the problem. I too thought it was to do with the power button until that stopped being effective. Basically, it appears that something gets disconnected, with regards to the screen, quite easily e.g. with a small knock or two . It certainly wasn't a software issue. The description of the fault by LG's repair centre was 'Screening', and the symptoms were as described in the original post here.

The UK warranty for this phone is 2 years (meaning that any phone with this problem at time of this answer being posted will still be under warranty and should be sent direct to LG - register on their website and initiate the return there), but I can't speak for the US.

In terms of fixing it yourself, you can try and there are videos on YouTube that show people dismantling the G2. Taking it apart alone didn't look like a job for the faint hearted (and I'm a fairly confident fixer), so check your warranty first. Other than that, twisting, pushing or otherwise forcefully manipulating your phone may solve the problem periodically, but trust me, it's no way to live!

I love the G2 (I still have it), but it isn't built for hard knocks."
bert [Entry]

I had the same problem. Just let the battery drain. I inserted the headphones and played the music ( i guessed the position of the music app). After 3 days of playing the same song, I put it for charging and I turned it on fresh like a baby :D
bert [Entry]

"My phone fell and the screen blacked out. The back button light still worked and I would see the indicator light above the screen blink from time to time indicating the phone was on, just no picture. I tried the soft restart (holding the power button and volume down together). Phone would restart and turn back on but no display. I tried charging the phone, and that did not make the display appear. I tried smacking and knocking the edge of the phone. I tried the squeezing the sides the phone with no luck.

What I did that worked, it may be out of luck, was squeeze the bottom of the display screen where the home screen & task manager button would have been located (bottom, center of the screen) and it would light up. But the display only lit up when some pressure was applied to that area. Attempt at your own risk.

That was in enough time for me to have someone else swipe on the screen and back-up photos/videos, while I maintained pressure to the phone. Also, I turned on Pandora to keep it playing to drain my battery as much as possible per Teo's 2/27/2015 post above.

What happened next made my New Year! After a while, of doing that multiple times, the display would not turn back on with pressure, however I knew the phone was still on as Pandora was still playing. So I booted up my computer and used the USB cord and connected it from the laptop to my phone, just for giggles...and the screen turned on as it began charging. When I unplugged the charger, the display remained lit and is currently working. The swipes and touch screen appear to be in working order.

Now, this may have been luck on my part and may be due to my specific issue; but I thought I'd share my experience in hope it will help someone else."
bert [Entry]

But I had to put in rice and it worked
bert [Entry]

i want my phone delete all virus and open