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Why is my phone not charging?

Why is my phone not charging?

had phone for 6 months and it will not take a charge and have use the charger it came with

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bert [Entry]

It is charging...just hold the volume down button and power button at the same time for about a minute. Then release, scroll down with the volume button to recovery. When recovery is highlighted press volume up to select. It should turn on. Usually happens with the Moto g and the boost max. Check out my channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg4fNyz...
bert [Entry]

"only 2 choices: 100%

1st choice:

just plug in the charger and charge your mobile for about 30min.now press power button and volume down button simultaneously for about 3min

* now you will get fast boot option.

press volume down to scroll to option 'normal power up' and press volume up button to select that option ( u will also see that battery condition is ok!)all set! your mobile will turn on.

2nd choice:

remove your back coverremove all 14 screwsremove the battery connection to the mother boardleave the device for 5 min because , all the charge stored before switch off in device will discharge.now connect your wall socket charger and plug it to mobile without connecting battery, you will find mobile turned onnow connect the battery while the mobile is being charged by wall charger.put all the screws. be happy"
bert [Entry]

"There are three things you need to try:

1. change the charge cable and charger.

2. Check if the battery is well.

3. If the charge cable and battery are well, you should make sure if the charging port flex is well."
bert [Entry]

I don't know how relevant this is but hopefully it will help someone. I had problems with the moto g not charging when I let the battery get fully drained.It turned out the smart charger wasn't recognising the device and not putting any power to it. Try using a less smart charger - my cheap car one worked & it charged fine. Then it worked fine on my expensive charger thereafter so long as I don't let it run empty. I didn't have to start booting into recovery mode or anything just a normal power up once it had some charge.
bert [Entry]

"I've just had this problem fixed for free. The charging port was full of crap!

My air duster didn't fix it, it needed prodding and poking with proper tools - you would not believe the amount of crud that came out!.

100% working again!"
bert [Entry]

For some yet unknown reason, all chargers will charge my wifes phone but not mine. It shows a charging symbol but in battery properties it states not charging. So the phone recognizes the charger. Final solution.....plugged into USB of computer and it charges.