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Why is my phone switching on and off by itself?

Why is my phone switching on and off by itself?

For no reason my phone just starting to switch on and off repeatedly. It was working fine the one minute and the next minute just switched off and then on again. It stays on for about 5 seconds and then turns off again and then on again. And so it keeps repeating the process.

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bert [Entry]


I had the same problem too. I took it to the Huawei authorised repair centre. They had the phone for few days to find out that the vibrator was faulty.

Occasionally when the phone vibrates, it resulted in an internal short circuit which ended up rebooting the phone. If the phone vibrates while rebooting, it goes back to restart mode again. They replaced the vibrator at free of cost.

Now I am one happy HUAWEI customer.

Hope this helps

Note: According to them, any internal damage could result in continuous reboot."
bert [Entry]

"Did you do a complete reset? Sometimes it does the trick. And it reads a bit like the power button is stuck. Maybe it doesn't feel that way but if it is only a bit stuck it still thinks it has to reset.

Or water damage?"
bert [Entry]

my cell phone was in a proper condition but after some while the cell switched off automatically and was not getting on i tried each and every step for switching on my cell but i was fail in my each step....so please help me with my problem what should i do for it...
bert [Entry]

iam gonna try this now, but my problem is i was typing something and i went off by itself, so i tough it was stuck so i let it reboot itself. but as soon as i wanted to type my simcode in it went off agian and it keeps happening. did someone had this same problem or not?
bert [Entry]

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