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Why is my Roku 3 not connecting to WiFi?

Why is my Roku 3 not connecting to WiFi?

My Roku 3 is not connecting to the internet in my house.

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bert [Entry]

Open your Roku device and select the wifi connection setup. Enter the password of your home wifi to setup the wireless connection. There will be the indication of 3 green check marks to finish the setup. If it fail to get 3 green check marks, repeat the steps
bert [Entry]

"Try the following steps:

·        Connect your Roku box or stick to your TV and power ON.

·        In the very first screen, Choose ‘Wireless’ if you are going to connect via go.roku.com/wireless.

·        Roku will search for the network connection, select your network and finish the process till you select the option ‘Connect’.

·        After this step, your Roku will automatically show you the updated software.

·        ‘Download’ and install it to complete the '''Roku wireless setup''' process.

Hope, this will solve your issue."
bert [Entry]

Try plugging your HDMI cable into the correct port or select the correct input selection on your Roku TV screen. If you missed that step, you will receive the go.roku.com/selectinput error.
bert [Entry]

"Roku not connecting to WiFi !

hen trying to connect to the Wifi, the Roku device shows you a list of all available WiFi networks. You need to pick your network and then type in the password for your WiFi. However, sometimes the WiFi might not connect or Roku players that have been working fine in the past might start showing “Not Connected” on the home screen. These devices would then give you an error code when trying to connect to your wifi. So, if your Roku is not connecting to wifi, here is a list of all Network related Error Codes followed by best practices on how to resolve the Roku Error Codes and finally resolve roku not connecting to wifi issue."