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You may not install this volume because the computer is missing a firm

You may not install this volume because the computer is missing a firm

Mojave installs just fine on an external drive, the when put into the machine it destroys the drive to the point of being unable to even format it or even see it.

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bert [Entry]

"Aha, OK. After some sleuthing it looks like you are kinda stuck now.

I just tried to replicate the same situation you have here, and I got the same results. I attempted install Mojave on a SSHD I had laying around, booted from it externally on my 2012 MBP perfectly, but when I tried an internal boot on the same machine it threw a giant hissy fit and gave me that error you stated.

That is one big fat L for the average Joe, and a giant nail in the coffin for Mac Laptops 2012 and earlier. Unfortunate!

You are not alone!"
bert [Entry]

I solved this, was super easy. Partition as GUID with one smaller partition I did 1GB to overkill as MSDOS (FAT) labeled it EFI. The second partition APFS. Voila all the modern ones will install. The confusing thing is that Apple calls the EFI partition a firmware parititon. I guess this is because if you use apple partition format and APFS the hardware cannot find a boot partition. So with the newer OS you have to create two partitions. You can do it all from Disk Utility on a USB installer or from macOS on a second drive. Everyone is just so frustrated because Apple hasn't helped find the solution but I was happy when it turned out to be so simple. Hope that helps someone else.