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3.5mm jack replacement wiring COLORS?

3.5mm jack replacement wiring COLORS?
My headset has no sound coming out of either speaker, im going to attempt to change the 3.5mm jack.


Wikipedia suggests you're likely going to want to reattach it with the tip hooked to the left channel, the first ring hooked to the right channel, the second ring hooked to ground, and the sleeve hooked to the mic channel, as detailed here.
"Red and Green twisted is the mic wire. You have to seperate the copper around it first because that is the ground wire for the mic. I have done the same with my XO4 Turtle Beach headset.

Red is Right side

Green is left

twisted Green/Red is mic

All copper is ground"

Thanks folks trying this tomoz when plug arrives, wish me luck
I have red and blue wrapped in copper and a white wrapped in green. Does this mean copper wrapping is ground, white is mic, red is left and blue is right?

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