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3.Howcan you apply your learnings to your daily life?​ -

3.Howcan you apply your learnings to your daily life?​ -

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bert [Entry]

"Answer: Be explicit about application. ...

Focus on core concepts. ...

Identify sub skills. ...

Provide students with practice. ...

Make it social and collaborative. ...

Involve students in the process.

explanation: hope it helps"
bert [Entry]



As an individual, I can implement what I've learned in my daily life by accepting all of the knowledge that someone has imparted to me, because learning is a critical component of happiness and success. To put such ideas into practice, you must first step outside of your comfort zone and consider why you want to do anything. Nothing makes sense if there is no purpose, and if there is no purpose, you will lose interest in those things over time. So, my advise is to first understand the objective of what you've learnt before applying it to your life.

One thing to remember is that if you truly learn, you must embrace all of your mistakes.