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Able to "unlock" a Toshiba 1.8" hd from a 5th gen iPod?

Able to "unlock" a Toshiba 1.8" hd from a 5th gen iPod?

About 6 months ago I upgraded my 5th gen iPod with a 260gb hd and new battery. It is awesome! But that left me with an 1.8" 80gb hard drive doing nothing. A month ago I found a place that sells a USB case for the hard drive. I purchased one and installed it. The light on the front came on red then green but nothing shows up on my Mac. I went to Disk utility and nothing is listed. So I plugged it into a Windows machine and only found it only shows up in Device Manager/disk drives. And then only with Toshiba MK8010GAH. So I know it is the drive.


Sorry, it looks like this is not possible -- even a whole forum full of hard drive hackers tried and failed :( Take a look at forum.hddguru/toshiba-apple-i...

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