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accidently dropped iPod 80gb

accidently dropped iPod 80gb

My husband accidently dropped his ipod from his knee (he was bending down and placed it on his knee) to the concrete sidewalk. The ipod had a rubber case on it and so we thought it was fine because it wasn't a high, hard fall and nothing cracked. When he picked it up, the circle felt loose and there was a sad faced guy with XX eyes and a triangle with an exclamation point to the side of the guy...then below it stated "apple/support/ipod" - we did all the things stated on apple and turned it off, rebooted/reset it with menu and the middle circle, etc.,etc....still comes up with the same error message and XX eyed guy. Do we need to go to the apple store to get it fixed or is the ipod now no good? can we fix it ourselves?what are some solutions?


My best guess is that the hard drive has kicked the bucket. If the iPod was playing when it was dropped, this is likely the case. Because the HDD spins so fast, a sudden jarring motion (such as landing on concrete) can cause serious damage. Lucky for you, the 5th Generation iPods are a relatively easy fix. Here is your guide. and here is your part.

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