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After latest update Apple TV has only computer and settings icons

After latest update Apple TV has only computer and settings icons

I bought apple TV 2nd generation in Jan 2012,it was working well. Last month I downloaded the update version 5. After this I can only see Computer and Settings Icon. Tried restore, resetting, direct ethernet connection, thru itunes downloaded the updates with micro usb. nothing works. Can someone help us?


"Just connect a power cable (NO HDMI) and the micro USB cable and the restore might get through. If Apple TV 2 doesn’t show up in iTunes after hooking it up to the Mac, you may have to set it to DFU mode first:

1. Disconnect the HDMI, power and USB cables

2. Wait for 10 seconds

3. Reconnect the USB cable

4. Immediately hold the menu and play buttons on the remote for 15 seconds

5. Apple TV 2 should now start flashing the LED wildly and appear in iTunes with the restore button.

If it still doesn’t show up, maybe there’s something wrong with your Micro USB cable.

Get in contact with Apple - that unit should still be under warranty.

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"I had the same issue with my ATV 3 right from the start. I tried several suggestions found searching the web: -restart, restore, update software, unplug cables and wait 30 sec..... etc. Nothing worked.

What did work however was:

Settings > iTunes Store > LOCATION

Needs to be set to ""United States""

really not what you would think would matter but it worked (btw I do not live in USA)

hope this may help some of you guys out there"

Canada worked for me too then I went back and changed to US and still worked. EXCEPT, a lot of my apps are missing (showtime, HBO, Hulu, and a lot more...) any ideas about this? Some new ones are there too.

Im having the same issue. Mush be something on apples side. All my apps (Hulu, HBO, etc) have disappeared. Hopefully they realize everyone is having this issue and fix it soon. Let me know if you figure out how to bring the apps back

At least I'm not the only one!! And here I was thinking my ATV just didn't like last night's Daily Show as it died in the middle of it.

Switching to Canada helped us too, but showtime, Hulu, HBO Go are gone. Anyone have a solution?

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