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Airpod Pro Left Earbud Not Connecting to Charging Case

Airpod Pro Left Earbud Not Connecting to Charging Case

for a while now, I realised how my left earbuds have a really hard time connecting properly to the charging case. I only noticed after continuously picking up my aipods and find out the left one is empty.


Clean and pry up the contact fingers very slightly, that’s it.

i had the same problem. take a toothpick, stick the thicker end of it in your case and press on the magnetic bars slightly until they move. do that to both sides and it should be working soon.

As I’m not within the 1 year warranty and all stores are closed in my area due to the pandemic, I tried rubbing a bit of nail polish remover on the contacts (found this on another site). I’m only 5 minutes in, but it seems to be charging again.

Had an issue with left pod on AirPods Pro, though that it was broken. Afterwards, I have tried to pair a left pod from another AirPods Pro with my old case — the new left pod was working fine with the old right one. Then I have switched again old left pod with new left pod and the old one was working again.

I had this problem too, I cleaned inside the port with some twisted up tissue paper, I cleaned the small copper plates at the bottom and then inserted the AirPod back inside, problem solved!

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