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Anyone tried SSD in 3rd Gen iPod?

Anyone tried SSD in 3rd Gen iPod?
Just curious - has anyone tried to replace the hard drive with a newer, higher capacity solid state drive? I like my old bomber a lot, but I wonder if it could be more energy efficient and hold way more music by hot-rodding with SSD?


I have had much difficulty since trying this hack although it's been a lot of fun so far and Casey has been such a great help with advising me thus far!
I had no trouble doing this, but then again mine is Mac formatted. See my battery replacement.
I used a KingSpec 32GB because you have to format as FAT32 that is the maximum the format will recognize or allow you to use. Formatted from Windows and notably the FireWire connection caused iPod and mac computer to crash, so must sync with USB and of course charge via FireWire.
Hi I have a 3g 40gb that I’d like to mod to a 128gb and new battery. Reading options of sdxc or cf but wonder can I replace with just an ssd? Do I need any adapters like with the previous ways? And if so, can anyone recommend a 1.8 ssd that would work with this model? Also I have a Y connector that allows usb and firewire for charging. Should that be sufficient enough to restore And update on iTunes via my iMac? Thank so much for any help you can provide.

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