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Are there seriously no replacement lcd's for this?

Are there seriously no replacement lcd's for this?
My 2 year old pulled it down off a table and the lcd got damaged. I figured why buy a new one mine still works minus the screen, I can just replace it right? Wrong.. There's not a single teardown video or replacement part.. Now I have a glorified home speaker… Has anyone else ran into this problem with some type of resolution? It's been almost a year since they came out.


The problem you face is the cost of the unit is less than $100 USD. Presently, Google is selling them for $79!
josh spoon and venkata krishna chintapalli at this time you really have nothing to lose. I would proceed and try to remove the screen the same way as shown in the link from smartin. It can’t break anymore than it already has. After that, take a good look at the back of the screen. Post a couple of really good images. I would not be surprised to find some manufacturer label,sticker, markings on that. Let’s see if that will help to hunt down a couple of screens. Don't throw stuff out just because of some major challenges. Let us try to work on finding solutions for others that are faced with the same issues.
I must admit I struggled to get the parts I also resorted to Ali Express after this sitting in my garage for 18months. Here is the video I filmed on how to repair it: youtu.be/AE75AVNT12w

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