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Battery and Front Panel Replacement disaster

Battery and Front Panel Replacement disaster

After successfully opening the iPod (5th Gen Video) case, separating the battery cable from the logic board and then replacing the front panel and the battery I attempted to reassemble in reverse order.


jbrown2, that is one of the most common problems with this repair. The clip breaks off habitually. I have gone to using a paper clip bend into and L-shape and the just pull the clasp gently straight up. It is an SMD connector and possibly can be resoldered. If you have all the parts to it, take it to a place that does SMD repair (most TV repair placed do it now), unless you have the tools and the experience to do it yourself. If you lost the connector it is available at places like this. Also read this question The Brown connector broken.. Otherwise, you will need a new logic board. If you do a search in the 592 solutions, you will see, that you are not the only one that this has happened to. Hope this helps, good luck.

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