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battery drain in 2 minutes but is fully chraged!

battery drain in 2 minutes but is fully chraged!

when i listen to music my batterie is ok but when watch a film or photo my battery drain in like 2 minute and iPod say :connect to power source and turn off and open again but the iPod is fully recharged and when i look a at film just after a had click the video in my playlist the battery indicator show me that the battery is very low so please help me what i have to do replace the battery or hardrive thank you


"Before you start replacing things try this to determine if it's the battery:

iPod Battery Test Instructions

Fully charge your iPod before starting this test by connecting it to an Apple USB power adapter or to your computer's USB port using the cable that came with iPod.

Download the latest iTunes software, and update your iPod software.

Open iTunes.

Insert an audio CD that contains average length songs (3 to 8 minutes), and create an album by importing the songs from the CD into your iTunes library using the MP3 Encoder set at 160 kbps, or the AAC Encoder set at 128 kbps. (See iTunes: How to Choose Import Options for instructions.)

Once iPod is fully charged, connect your iPod to your computer (if it isn't already) and update it with the album you just imported into iTunes.

Eject iPod.

Disconnect the cable connecting your iPod to your computer.

Connect a set of headphones.

Press the Play button to play the album you created following the instructions above.

For all other iPod models, from the main menu, choose Settings:

Set Repeat to All.

Set Backlight to Off.

Set EQ to Off.

Select the album you imported following the instructions above, select any song, then press the Play button.

Set the volume to midrange.

Don't interrupt the iPod during testing. The album should play over and over until the battery is depleted.

Make note of the time you first began playing a song on your iPod. When your battery depletes and iPod stops playing, jot down that time, too.

Go to Apple's play time list here to compare:


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