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Battery not detected, won't charge; strange connector on logic board?

Battery not detected, won't charge; strange connector on logic board?

I repair MacBooks as a hobby, and have worked on quite a few A1342 models. I'm working on one now that has me stumped by a couple of things.

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mcgyver89 [Entry]

"I have repaired many macbooks with the same or similar problems. Sometimes the macbook wont recognize the battery.

Here are some things I have done to fix theses problems on some macbooks:

Disconnect removable devices from the macbook such as USB drives, firewire drives etc.Remove any discs from the superdrive.Disconnect the charger.Remove the battery.Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds.Connect the charger while still holding the power button, keep holding the power button for 10 seconds. (Note: This must be done WITHOUT THE BATTERY)Turn the macbook on and immediately press and hold command+option+P+R keys. Release the keys when you hear the apple chime sound 3 or 4 times. (must be done before you see the white screen at start up)Shut off the macbook when you get to the login screen or the desktop.While the macbook is OFF press and hold Command+Option+Left Shift+ Power Button for 5 seconds. The sleep LED will go crazy and you might hear a loud tone coming from the speakers. Press the power button one more time to restart the macbook.Again shut off the computer and remove the charger.Install the battery and try to turn on the macbook.Check to see if the battery will charge now and if the macbook will recognize the battery.

If doing all these things does not work then there is one more thing that you can do that has worked for me in the past BUT I AM WARNING YOU, IT IS DANGEROUS SO TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Remove the charger.Remove the battery.Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds.While still holding the power button connect the charger.While still holding the power button and the charger is plugged in connect the battery.If the LED on the magsafe turns bright green then the problem is solved and the macbook is recognizing the battery again.

I hope this helps, good luck!!"
mcgyver89 [Entry]

"@Chris Bayrd

As for your problem (as well as the others) battery issues are always the biggest problem in any laptop (Apple or any ones else's). The Problems can be broken down into three parts:

The chargers conditionThe batteries healthThe charging logic internally in the system

Charger - Many people fail to maintain their the chargers cords. Twisting them into a knot and expecting it to still work! Also damaged connectors can cause issues. A shorted cable not only not charge the battery or over charger it, it can often damage the charging logic internally in the computer which can be a very expensive repair!

Battery - Over time the battery breaks down the life span of most batteries is around 800 - 900 cycles. Download this little gem: coconutBattery. If you had a bad cord your battery may have been over charged causing it to swell. This can then effect the keyboard & trackpad. Sadly it time for a new battery if this happens and you'll need to check your charger.

Charging logic - The MagSafe connector is often the first signs of problems as the insulator is melted and/or the pins are discolored. Dirt and metal crumbs can also cause problems! Make sure you keep the connector surfaces clean. Don't use anything metal inside the laptop connector! As you don't want to create a short.

The MagSafe charging logic can also be damaged by static electricity! Maker sure you don't zap your system around the connector or logic board if you have opened your system up. Follow good ESD practices.

Both of these conditions often require deep diagnostics to save the logic board. Or its time for a replacement logic board.

I all most forgot the spoiler here! Liquid damage. Anytime you spill water, coffee, soda or juice into your system all bets are off! As the damage can be quite large.

Lastly, the MagSafe LED and the battery checker LED's are also very useful to diagnose problems!"
mcgyver89 [Entry]

"I have an Amber LED for the first time in a long time after resetting SMC and then PRAM, so this works, but my battery is long dead.

Still going on the Macbook 2008, but the compatibility issues have me in a corner, if not now then soon.

The computer is still good for a while longer I know, but not long enough to bother buying a new battery and all the requisite RAM and SSD upgrades I don't think.

Just a testimonial to how long these things last. Go for it."