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Battery station not charging the battery

Battery station not charging the battery
Whenever the battery is in the battery station it shows that it is fully charged but when I put the battery in the headset it doesn’t turn on as if the battery is empty.


I had the same problem. I even disassembled the charger but i could not find the problem other than i thought it must be corrosion. I bought a fiberglass brush and cleaned the pogo pins on the charger and on the headset. Then I cleaned the contacts on the batteries.
I had the same problem as i just swapped my batteries out and it’s just died on me. Now the base station says ‘‘charged’’ for some reason. So, i quickly googled and someone said to try taking out all power to the base station for a moment, so i did for 30-60 seconds. Plugged it back in. Battery is now charging. It seems because of how long it remains on, the firmware glitches and fails to tell the base station to charge the batteries. Definitely doesn’t seem to be hardware related that’s causing it. Try turning off the power completely for 60 seconds and reconnecting it.

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