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Brook Stone Big Blue Party Bluetooth Speaker Not Working

Brook Stone Big Blue Party Bluetooth Speaker Not Working

Does anyone know how to tear down a big blue party speaker? It fell of a table and the one of the speakers sounds blown and wanted to verify but I don't know how to get to the speaker to see.


Bottom screws and a sample of the plugs.

The screws on the bottom hidden.pop off the rubber covers and you'll need a Phillip screwdriver.rechargable batteries and Mother board on bottom

I got the screen off. There is a seal around the top of the speaker. Just take off the bottom, the aux/power inlet and front chrome circle and run a small screwdriver around the top edge to release the sticky seal. Then have a buddy grab the top and pull the cage off. Speakers come out easy after that.

Yes, the screws on the bottom expose the battery pack. The problem is where to find this particular battery pack. It is a 6 cell blue plastic wrap: ICR 18650 4400mAh 11.1V 48 . 84Wh

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