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Buttons no longer work?

Buttons no longer work?

My niece put her thumb through my iPod video 5th generation. I bought the screen from iFixit, replaced the screen (Which works and looks great now), however as I was reassembling the iPod and started it up the only button that works is the 'Hold' button at the top of the iPod.


"Disclosure: I do not have an iPod, and so this may not apply to your device.

Soft buttons on many devices, such as cell phones, remote controls, etc. are made of a piece of shaped silicone rubber with a graphite-impregnated pad on the underside of the button. This pad touches a corresponding pair of copper contacts on the circuit board, closing the circuit with the graphite.

Over time, the surface of the contact pad becomes dirty, and no longer conducts electricity,even when you push the button hard.

Open the device, and carefully clean the silicone-graphite contact pads, as well as the copper contacts, with a Q-tip slightly moistened with rubbing alcohol. Don't use too much liquid, since you don't want it running over everything. This will help remove accumulated dust and oil.

If this does not work, you may have to use a knife blade to lightly scrape the silicone-graphite pad surface, exposing fresh material. Do this carefully, since it is easy to cut too much."

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