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Can't get my tv to stay on

Can't get my tv to stay on

When I plug my tv in, it says toshiba Chromecast and then the screen goes black. Red light is on. Then after about a minute, the red light dissapeares. Will not turn on with remote, only by unplugging and then plugging back in.


I figured out how to fix this today after reading all of the posts that said its "unfixable". The problem is due to Chromecast setup mode being stuck, if you have connected the tv to your wifi previously you will need to do the following

In my case, it was a bad LED or LED strip. The TV is going into a mode that shuts everything off when the LEDs fail. The ones in the TV I salvaged were five years old and were dim or burned out.

I spoke with Toshiba… the representative said that it is a Google Chromecast issue and that if I purchase a Google Chromecast and plug it into the TV it should work just fine. Apparently they (Google) discontinued working with this TV model.

When the Toshiba flashes start to hit ‘Exit' repeatedly on the remote till the screen stays on, I dont know why but this fixed the issue for me…

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