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Can't open the case

Can't open the case
No matter how hard I try, I can't separate the two parts of the iPod. It would help if I knew how the clips work and what the opening tool is supposed to do. Just pushing it between the two halves opens only a tiny crack andf doesn't spring a clip. Is the plastic front part meant to flex inward to release the clip? If so the plastic doesn't want to bend. Maybe it's hardened over time? So should I be levering downward or just pushing straght in? I'm baffled because others seem to make it look easy.


"@ancestor it'll help if you can give us the exact model of your iPod. Yes to the way you want to use the opening tool. Sometimes you may have to help it with a small jewelers screwdriver, or as in the case of the Classic, a thin putty knife. Yes, it is a bear to open ...:-)

Update (02/23/2017)

Yes that is a 4th gen iPod Photo. A bit of a bear to open due to a very solid back cover. Check this guide to see see the clips and how to use the tool. I also use the smallest jewelers screwdiver I have to assist in prying it carefully apart."

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