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Can anyone help me identify these components?

Can anyone help me identify these components?

I have a vintage Sherwood receiver and I need to replace a few components. I don’t want to pay $20 for the hand drawn schematics , I know what needs to be replaced I just cant find any info on the components.


"Aaron it will help if you can tell us the exact model of your receiver. The MSPS4199 is actually a Motorola SPS4199 and an equivalent for that would be a 2N4401 NPN Transistor - NTE123AP

As for the other component, a view of the complete PCB may help us further. It appears as it has been manufactured by Fairchild

Update (03/13/2019)

Okay now we know this is reference designator Q205 (identical to Q305) and we know it is a Fairchild S2103 NPN transistor. I do not yet have a vintage catalog from Fairchild to find an equivalent, but have the schematic with the voltage on BCE of the transistor"

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