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Can I fix the cracked headband on my beats studios?

Can I fix the cracked headband on my beats studios?
The top plastic part of the headband on my headphones cracked. I tried to fix it with superglue, but that did not fix the problem and the headband now looks tacky. Is it possible to buy and install a replacement headband? If so, how do I install it?


Yes. Replacement parts can be bought here. See the repair guide for the headband for a step by step explanation of how to replace it.
open the headband and put a metal plate inside. use superglue..let the glue dry for 24hrs.. i manage to fix a beats studio v2 without having to buy a replacement.. u can use paint thinner to remove the glue residue..
open the headband and put a thin metal plate inside linking the crack.. use superglue..leave it to dry the glue for 24hours.. clean all the surface that needs to be glued with paint thinner and immediately after you finish to remove the excess residue outside the headband.. i manage to fix a studio v2 making it look like it never broke.
My beats broke to like an inch away from the hinges and I have no idea how to fix it. Can someone please help!

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