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Can I replace 20 gig with a 60 gig?

Can I replace 20 gig with a 60 gig?
hard drive dead . will it accept a 60 instead of 20 gig?


"Yes, but you need to replace a bunch of parts as well, you would need to replace the following parts with 40 or 60 gig versions, you can click on all the links to buy the parts:

1) rear panel

2) headphone jack

3) headphone jack cable

(I'm not quite sure all of these are correct, if someone else could verify that would be great, upgrading a 5th gen is a common enough procedure, but this is a bit of an older gen)

That should work, you can get a 60 gig drive here, however, if you would just like to get another 20gig then you can get one here."
My 20gb 4th Gen iDie Hard Color, model A1099, lost his mind after I dropped it from 2+mtr high on a concrete floor. I ordered a:

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