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Can I replace the power cord in a microwave?

Can I replace the power cord in a microwave?

I sometimes need to change the cord position to get my old Kenmore microwave to stay on or work at all. So it seems the cord should be replaced. Has anyone done this, would a cord be hard to get, and are there any issues with danger of getting shocked or anything even though the unit is unplugged?


"I replace a power cord on a radio, the conductor ends were looped around terminal screws so I just had to undo the screws and replace the cord. I just made sure the larger blade of the plug matched the old connection. I purchase my cord with plug at home depot.

The hardest thing is how to take it apart, you may want to do as this web site does and take pictures with a digital camera or just make a drawing and tape the screws to it.

The cord will most likely be held by a clamp or by a fitted strain-relief device

Have you test the outlet, just to make sure its not it?"

"Remove your access panel, and take out the old cord. You can use a computer power cord. Just cut off the end and strip back the outer casing. You will find a Black, White and Green wire. Just connect the wires to the same terminals in the Microwave, Replace your covers and you are set to go. (N.B. Some makers solder the ends of the wires or use crimp connectors )

Just make sure that the gauge of the new cord is the same as the older one one the microwave."

It Could be a Screw Loose on the Connector(s)at the Other end of the Power Cord.Either Way,You will see once you remove the cord clamp/holder.If the Screws are Not Loose,Then i Would Replace the Cord,cause there could be a broken wire.Just make sure it is the same Gauge wire,i would'nt recommend to go thicker in gauge wire,unless you want problems.Keep it the same and you will be ok.

Thanks, and do you mean don't touch the capacitor? Could you tell me what it looks like and how to avoid it? I can look for a picture online somewhere. I guess this isn't a high priority, since I haven't attempted the repair yet, and have another microwave to use. But at least you are the first person to address that part of my question, so thanks again. Anne

Can you add a longer cord or will it reduce the power.

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