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Can not reconnect cables to logic board?

Can not reconnect cables to logic board? I just opened my A1521 Airport Extreme to clean and lube the cooling fan, trying to solve the overheating problem. Everything has gone back together nicely until I got to the last step of connecting the two small connectors to the logic board. One of these goes to the indicator lamp, not sure about the other. After an hour of trying, I’ve had no success in getting the connectors to snap into place. The back of the connector is virtually smooth, so I don’t see how it is supposed to connect. It does not appear like the connectors broke when I removed them, but it seems like I’m trying to connect a smooth connector to a smooth surfaced circuit board. How are these supposed to connect?

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mcgyver89 [Entry]

"Ouch! It sounds like you lifted the logic board connector off with the cable connector!

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If that is the case you’ll need to see if your logic board can b fixed otherwise it’s time for a new one."
mcgyver89 [Entry]

If I remember correctly, one is an LED and the other is the reset button, they should not be critical components. If you tore the connectors, leave them be.