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changed hard drive, entered disk mode, iPod resets. help.

changed hard drive, entered disk mode, iPod resets. help.

hey. i got my 30gb ipod video a new hard drive, battery, front and back plate, lcd screen as the previous hard drive had died and i decided to refurbish the ipod. having taken out the old stuff and put the new parts back together, i turned on the ipod and apple logo showed up on the loading screen and the sad face displayed on the screen for a few seconds before the ipod turned off again. so the next step was to restore the hard drive. i got into disk mode and promptly connected my ipod via usb into my pc, after which the screen displayed "do not disconnect". at this point, itunes does not recognise the ipod but windows does. after 30s or so, the ipod simply resets and i get the same sad face.


Maurice, having just finished a couple of these iPods I think you might have an issue with the the logic board. Of course you have done the reset for your iPod etc. Your hard drive is new? There are suggestions made that the drive is sticking and can be freed by hitting it :) seriously digg/news/technology/How_To_F... and ipodwizard/showthread.php... I tried it and it did not work. also make SURE you check the hard drive cable. look for tears and rips. You might want to change that too. The only thing that worked for me was replacing the logic board. Good luck and let us know.

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