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Click wheel doesn't seem to work, even after replacing.

Click wheel doesn't seem to work, even after replacing.

A while back my iPod click wheel seemed to stop working. I think my iPod might have gotten a little moisture on it while in my bag, but I'm not certain that was the problem. Anyway, the device will turn on when doing the whole "hold" switch reboot thing. And my computer and iTunes recognize the device when it's plugged in. The device, when rebooted or when plugged into the computer, does come on but I cannot select any function for it to perform b/c operating the click wheel produces absolutely no result. I submitted this problem to this website a couple of months ago and was told that I needed to replace the click wheel. I just got through doing that, and the exact same problem still exists. Any other suggestions?


Unfortunately, with water damage there is no way to tell exactly what the problem is. You may have a bad logic board or you could have gotten a bad click wheel. I recommend contacting the company you ordered the click wheel from and getting a replacement. If that does not fix the problem, then you probably need to replace the logic board.

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