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Clothes still wet after spin cycle-no error code

Clothes still wet after spin cycle-no error code

Washer does not seem to go into "high" spin cycle and leaves heavy item wet at end of cycle. Tried to extend spin cycle, and tried to re-run entire wash cycle with no improved results.


"This can be caused by any one of these:

When the clothes are wet at the end of a cycle, check these:

Motor coupler

Spin cycle


Water-inlet valve

Let us know if it starts happening again for more detail."

"The washer was working fine then a pop and rubber burning smell. Now it has the same symptom as above

and I only have a towel in the washer and it does not get to a high speed spin. It toggles back and forth to a relative slow spin for a little stops and then changes directions and keeps doing that and then finishes as if all went ok

Thanks Stan B"

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