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Clothing stuck in washer

Clothing stuck in washer

The cord of my sweatpants has gotten stuck underneath the spinner. When I move the spinner, the pants don't move with it so I know it's not wrapped around it. I'm guessing the tip of the cord got stuck in a drain hole underneath the spinner. Does anyone one how I can remove the spinner to free the pants?


T OBrien by spinner I suppose you mean the agitator ;-). There are a few different types. Yours may just have a large square hole in the middle under the cap,the "special" tool you need is a socket extension bar (available at most department stores and hardware stores)or a very large flat screwdriver. Insert the tool in the square hole and unscrew it. It is really a bolt. After you take the bolt out lift the top half of the agitator off. You should find a second bolt to remove. This will remove the bottom half of the agitator. There is some more information about it on here and if you still have trouble, give us your serial number so we can try and find out how to get you going

A polyester shirt got stuck under the agitator of my washer. It is a Kenmore 2000 hp. How do I get it out?

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