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Do I still have a problem?

Do I still have a problem?

I had a problem with my 90 series Kenmore washer knocking loudly in spin cycle. With a burn smell to go along with that. I did some research then replaced the trany, clutch and coupling. Everything seems to be  working but I have a question.  Because of a loud pump I watched the cycle and don’t remember if during the drain cycle it should also spin.  If I open the lid during draining I see it is not spinning but if I press down the door switch it will start spinning.  If I leave it alone it will drain then after that spin.  Can someone tell me if I still have a clutch problem or is it good. Thank you



that would not be a clutch problem since it does spin etc. If anything it would be a program/timer issue. Let us know what your washers exact model number is. That way we could try and see what the timer sequence should be."

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