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Does not change channels with the remote

Does not change channels with the remote

When I enter a channel change, the tv does not indicate any numbers on the screen. To change channels, i need to go t o the guide and select the new channel.


Samsung Q60R channel changer stopped working after 1 day, volume, home button, etc all worked fine. Tried many different trouble shootings, nothing. Finally went to Samsung/settings/ and reset the tv to factory settings. Then re-did the setup procedure as if the tv were being installed for the very first time. Eventually got to the part of the setup where Samsung asks you about your cable provider. Then Samsung asks you to use the channel toggle on the remote to see if the channel is actually changing. Mine wasn’t, so I think I went to manual setup mode. Samsung asks you to enter the model # of the cable box your cable provider is using. I entered the model # (it’s on the back of the cable box), and then the channel was changing, that’s good. (I have cablevision, coaxial cable from the wall to the cable box, HDMI cable from the cable box to the Samsung). Completed the setup, everything working again. Maybe the communication from the cable box/remote/Samsung got disrupted somehow, I don’t know, but doing a re-setup worked for me.

I, had to reprogram directly to the cable box, make and model. That solved the problem for the channel up and down.

Finally….I Re-did all the steps for the set up from Re start and this time got a message stating my cable box may not be set up to receive IR signals! After getting the run around someone at the cable company admitted I needed an updated box! They hate to give them out apparently but I finally

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