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Door lock light is on, will not allow machine to work?

Door lock light is on, will not allow machine to work?

The instruction printed below the light states press hold button for 3 seconds to unlock. Of course that doesn't work. I unplugged the machine and plugged back on, still won't 'unlock'. I hope this isn't going to be an expensive 'repair'.


"Leslie,give this a try ""DIAGNOSTIC TEST

The control must be in the OFF state before pressing the touch-pad sequence to start the test.

Starting the test mode

Close the door.

Press the Control On button.

Select the DRAIN/SPIN cycle.

Select NO SPIN by pressing the SPIN SELECT button, as needed.

Push Prewash Option button four (4) times within five (5) seconds. C:00 will show in the display.

NOTE: If Model does not have PREWASH Mode as an option, press RINSE/HOLD.

If the Starting procedure fails, push PAUSE/CANCEL button. Then repeat the starting sequence.

Test Program Control during Execution

To advance to the next step of the test procedure, push Prewash Option button two (2) times."" the service manual is available for a limited time right here and page 6-8 has the info. Good Luck"

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