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Dryer door fuse location

Dryer door fuse location

Where is fuse on dryer door


Jim Donnelly if you are talking about the thermal fuse which is accessible after removing the toe panel, check the tech sheet on the bottom of this page. Page 9 will tell you how to remove the toe panel and page 7 tell you how to test and remove the fuse. The tech sheet will also tell you how to check every component of your dryer etc.

"If you're asking where and how to replace the fuse which is accessed behind the door on your HE3 follow these steps:

1) UNPLUG power cord from wall!

2) Remove lint screen.

3) Remove 2 screws at bottom of front panel and lift off.

4) Remove 3 screws that hold on the black cover with the warning labels on it.

5) The fuse is right there.

For clear images and instruction see the YouTube video ""Kenmore He3 dryer - fuse replacement"" by user Quint Jer. You should double check with any markings on your part but I believe the replacement fuse is Whirlpool part #: 3392519"

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