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Dryer only heats when ambient temps are cool

Dryer only heats when ambient temps are cool

I have a Kenmore Elite Gas dryer, model 110.92822101. It will only heat when the ambient air temperature is cool, and then for only one heat cycle. Then it will have to cool down before it will heat again. The drum rotates, the timer works, and everything else seems normal, just no heat unless the outside air is cool. The ignitor lights up, but no gas flows. Thoughts?


"L Pfaff


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"Hello Mayer,

Thanks for your help! I appreciate the information.

Both the thermal fuse and flame sensor check out OK. I did check the exhaust vent and it was relatively clean, but I polished it up a bit to get all the leftovers out.

I have heard that the gas solenoid coils can be a problem as well, so I have ordered a pair of those and will report back with my results after they are installed."

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