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Dryer spins but no heat (Maytag MED9600SQ)

Dryer spins but no heat (Maytag MED9600SQ)

Maytag dryer seems to be operating fine other than it doesn't seem to be heating at all. The heater was replaced in '07. Manual just says to check house breaker, which I did, and then call an electrician.


I need to get the shield off to get the eliment and instructions

Is the exhaust hose blocked or clogged? I’ve had a dryer that wouldn’t dry because it couldn’t exhaust the air.

"Hi, i need advise my dryer is not producing heat. Already checked and cleaned the exhaust, replaced heating element and all thermal fuses. Still no heat.

maytag 3000 series

model: YMEDE301YG0"

Check the electric outlet for 240 volts if it is not the gas dryer.

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